Rainbow Six Major


          There’s a game called Rainbow Six Siege and I play it almost religiously.  It’s a frustrating game to play because it can be very hard and punishing, but, when things go just and you make a big play it’s an amazing feeling.  I loved it so much that recently I even started making videos about it. 

         I also enjoy watching it, mostly to learn but it’s also just fun to watch.  The Pro League of Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most interesting things to me.  I’m not really into esports but this one really captivated me. I watched it before I even played the game, just seeing people play something at such a high level where you can see the time they’ve put into it.  Since I reside in America I usually go for American or North American teams but not exclusively there are a lot of great teams.  

The last tournament was called Dreamhack Montreal and this was a special tournament because it was one a few times where an American team won the tournament.  A week before the tournament there was a shuffle of many of the North American rosters so many people wrote them off but they fought and many looked strongly than they ever did.  The team that won is one of the youngest teams in the league, only being together for 3 months.  Below is a video of the championship match of Dreamhack Montreal 2019.

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