Mulan trailer Review

This Is the second trailer for Disney’s upcoming Mulan.  The movie is a remake of what i consider a classic, The animated Mulan movie that was released in 1998.   This remake is the latest in a string of Disney remakes of their animated films.  This has proved to be a very good and lucrative strategy for “the mouse house” as , The Jungle Book, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast have all made over 1 billion dollars at the box office.  There have been questions about how well the movie will play around the world but  with the success of Aladdin and the strength of the trailer, there’s a very good chance this movie will preform well and join the billion dollar club. 

Another point of concern was the first trailer for the movie, while it wasn’t a bad trailer it wasn’t great and it was missing the magic of the animated film.  I think the reason for this was the fact that the CGI wasn’t far enough along to show the really cool shots like the action and magical scenes.  The second trailer was much better than the first as it does a great job of introducing the story while also show a lot of cool scenes.  I am much more excited for the movie now. Check out the first trailer and some of my favorite shots from trailer two below.

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