Keto pick me up

This is a little all purpose drink that can be used to educate you about Keto a little bit more.   As the picture above shows its green tea.  I drink this all the time hot or iced.  

What can this drink teach us:

Watch what you eat, and always read the label.  I originally used to make this with a brand of ginger tea.  One day out of curiosity I read the nutritional fact and found that it contained 18 grams of sugar.  Depending on the kind of keto you are doing that could be all or most of your carbs for a day.

Next, this might be your introduction to MCT oil. MCT is a oil make from coconut oil, so, its technically coconut oil but different.  The main purpose of MCT oils is that the absorb into your body much faster than traditional fats.  So, the can be used for energy or in a quick snack.  It also get turned into ketones much faster than most other thinks you will eat on Keto so it is a legit source of energy.

Sweetness isn’t gone on keto.  Just because you cant have sugar doesn’t mean you cant tend to that sweet tooth once in a while.  There are many sweeteners but there are important differences to learn, stay tuned for that. But, for right now, in my opinion stevia and munkfruit are the best ones because the are all natural so there’s no worries about all that artificial sweetener baggage. Even though as we learn more artificial sweeteners might not be as bad as we initially thought.  

  • Ingredients
  • One green tea packet. ( I use this Kirkland 100 pack)

  • A few drops of MCT oil.
  • A few drops of apple cider vinegar
  • sweetener ( Optional but recommended)

A little bonus, You can do this with coffee instead of great tea.  You might of heard of bullet proof coffee.  I’m just not a huge fan of coffee so I tend to go with Green Tea. I do have it once in a while though.

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