It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 14 Review

The video above is a perfect example season 14.  This season of It Always sunny is different that previous seasons.  Many of the characters are different to they way we’ve come to expect them.  A prime example of this being Frank as shown in the video above.  Frank from just three or four season ago would not have been in this situation because he would have known his pack wasn’t on.  Frank like many of the characters of the show have slowly become extreme or caricature versions of themselves.  Denise and Mac are also examples of this. All this being said none of this is a bad thing.

One thing that makes this okay and even good is that you’ve seen the transition in the character over the seasons.  You can say Frank has slowly lost a few IQ point because of the time hes spend with Charlie. The opposite can be said for Charlie, maybe hes gained a few from his time hanging out with Frank.  The strength of the show is that its always changing, it never feels the same from season to season.  The characters are the glue that allow all the changes to happen but this season there are also changes to the character.  However, the characters are still very recognizable as the awful abut lovable people that they are.  The season was a solid 8 out 10. 

Check out some bloopers from the season below.

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