HBO’s Watchmen episode 1-8

I did not expect to like HBO’s Watchmen and I do not, I love it.  Really, it was a genuine surprise because I never read the graphic novel or watched the movie.   The first episode didn’t really change my mine too much, the concept and the world building were very interesting but the rest of the episode didn’t grab me. Episode  two was much better but still not enough to make me watch the next week but it was definitely on my mined.

Fast forward six weeks and i finally get back to it after weeks of thinking about it.  Im so happy I made the choices to comeback and start watching again because that show get so good.  All that world building and setup from the first two episodes continue but it just feels like the show it a stride and never lets go.  As the mystery of the show unravels and you have more and more questions the show gives you just enough answers so that your not totally confused but still have a tone of questions.  

Everything from the writing, to the directing to the acting in this show is top notch. 

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